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How Are Drunk Drivers Affected by the Alcohol?

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on February 10, 2024

A mans hands on the top of a bar holding a drink and a car key.

Drunk driving kills. There’s no excuse for an intoxicated person to get behind the wheel of a car. Alcohol impairs a driver’s judgment, perceptions, physical ability, and cognitive processes. That’s why drunk drivers are a threat to everyone on the road, including pedestrians, cyclists, motorcycle riders, other drivers, and their passengers.

The Impact of Road Conditions on Motorcycle Accidents

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on January 30, 2024

A close up of a pot hole in the middle of an asphalt road.

There’s nothing like the freedom you experience when riding a motorcycle. In fact, bikers come from all over to enjoy the natural splendor of the Sunshine State. But what happens if you suffer an injury caused by dangerous road conditions in Florida?

Florida Weather and Unique Hazardous Driving Conditions

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on October 30, 2023

A Truck in the middle of severe weather. Lots of water and wind moving the palm trees.

Florida is known for its beautiful weather, but it’s also home to some unique hazardous driving conditions that every driver should be aware of. While Florida is famous for its sunshine and pleasant climate, it’s no stranger to extreme weather conditions that can make driving challenging and dangerous. From heavy rain to hurricanes, understanding how weather affects driving conditions is crucial for everyone on the road.

Whiplash and Other Hidden Injuries from Car Accidents

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on September 30, 2023

A man in a flannel holding his neck with his hand. Car off in the distance.

Car accidents can have a significant impact on the lives of victims. They can cause a wide variety of injuries, ranging in severity from minor to fatal. While some injuries are immediately apparent, others may not immediately manifest symptoms. We will explore whiplash, one of the most common hidden injuries, and shed light on other lesser-known injuries that traffic crashes can cause. Understanding these hidden injuries is essential when seeking the appropriate medical attention and pursuing a personal injury claim for compensation.

What Safety Role Can Parents of New Teenage Drivers Play?

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on September 15, 2023

A concerned parent in the passenger seat with his teen daughter in the drivers seat.

Teen drivers are more prone to accidents than older drivers due to their lack of experience on the road and other factors. As Personal Injury Attorneys, we believe it is essential to shed light on the dangers associated with teen drivers and provide guidance to parents on how they can help their teenagers drive safely.

Why Do Wrong-Way Car Accidents Ever Happen at All?

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on August 15, 2023

POV of a driver in a car driving on a road with the arrow pointing towards the car. Wrong Way accident.

Wrong-way accidents often have some of the most severe consequences. In cases when the victim survives, the injuries are often catastrophic, changing the life of an innocent person forever.

If you were injured in a wrong-way car accident due to the negligence of another driver, you are within your rights to file a lawsuit. To ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, you need the assistance of an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer.

How Dashcam Footage Can Be Used in Florida Injury Claims

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on July 15, 2023

Car CCTV camera video recorder for driving safety on the road

A “dashcam” is a camera that is placed on the dashboard of a car or other motor vehicle. Dashcams record video footage of events occurring while driving. The footage can be especially useful as evidence depicting the sequence of events leading up to a traffic accident.

Cars Are Being Spotted at Night Without Lights On

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on May 30, 2023

White tesla driving at dusk with no headlights on.

When someone drives at night without their headlights on, bad things can happen. The driver may get a ticket or crash into an obstruction in the road. And other drivers may not see a car with its headlights turned off. This may cause a collision.

Car Accident Photos 101

By Weston Personal Injury Attorney on April 15, 2023

A persons hand holding cellphone

After an automobile collision that was someone else’s fault, the first priority is to get emergency medical attention for any serious injuries. If you are able, it is important to collect as much evidence as possible to support a claim for compensation. The evidence you gather at the scene can help show how the wreck occurred and who is responsible. Crash evidence is typically moved off the road as soon as possible, and vital evidence could be lost. It is critical to take as many detailed photos of the accident scene as you can.

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