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Parkland: A thriving Community in South Florida

Parkland, located in Broward County, is an idyllic community known for its breathtaking parks, top-rated schools, and friendly atmosphere. Residents enjoy easy access to Sawgrass Expressway for commutes to nearby cities such as Coral Springs, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale.

Parkland hosts various small businesses including healthcare providers, tech firms, and retail shops. Attractions such as the Parkland Amphitheater and Farmers Market are popular gathering points where locals come together and experience all it has to offer.

Justin Morgan Law is your go-to law firm in Parkland when you need legal assistance for a personal injury. If you were harmed in an accident caused by someone else’s careless behavior, we’ll file a claim to help you cover the costs of your injuries and other expenses such as time missed from work.

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What is a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury claim / lawsuit is a legal action filed by someone who has experienced physical or emotional harm due to another party's negligent or intentional acts. The purpose is to seek financial compensation from the at-fault party for expenses such as medical bills, lost income, emotional distress, and physical pain caused by injury.

The central goal of the claim is to hold them responsible and to receive adequate payment for expenses and damages associated with the incident.

Typical personal injury claims in Parkland

Parkland has seen many personal injury claims over time. Some of the more prevalent ones include:

  • Car accidents: Car accidents are one of the main sources of personal injury claims in Parkland. They’re caused by careless driver behavior such as distracted driving, reckless driving, speeding, tailgating, and drunk driving.
  • Truck accidents: When it comes to truck accidents, injuries and deaths can often be devastatingly consequential. Accidents typically stem from factors like driver fatigue, inadequate vehicle maintenance, or overloading.
  • Motorcycle accidents: Motorbike accidents can result in catastrophic injuries due to factors like distracted driving, reckless behavior, or road hazards.
  • Slip and fall/premises liability: Slip-and-fall incidents can happen anywhere on any property and are often due to poor maintenance or hazardous conditions, such as wet floors, missing steps, and unremoved hazards.
  • Wrongful death claims: Wrongful death claims are filed by the family members of those who have passed due to someone's carelessness or actions. These suits may include damages for loss of companionship, medical expenses, and lost income.

Determining Liability for Personal Injury Cases in Parkland

Establishing liability in personal injury cases is crucial to receiving due compensation. Liability refers to those responsible for your accident that caused injuries. In Parkland, Florida proving negligence is often the basis for establishing liability. Your attorney will review police reports, surveillance camera footage, witness interviews, all parties’ insurance policies, and other evidence to find out who is responsible for your injuries.

Steps to follow after an accident in Parkland

  • Prioritize your health: Prioritizing the health and well-being of yourself and those close to you should always come first. Even if everything seems fine, seeking medical assistance to check for potential injuries is critical.
  • Document the accident: Take photographs, obtain insurance information from all involved, and gather contact details from witnesses at the scene of the accident.
  • Consult a Personal Injury Lawyer: An experienced Parkland Personal Injury Lawyer will guide you through the legal process and ensure that you get all the compensation that's due to you.
  • Avoid communicating with insurance companies: Insurance providers may attempt to minimize your compensation. Avoid speaking directly to them and let your attorney manage all communication with them on your behalf.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claims

  • Medical bills: If your injury led to medical expenses that you have paid out-of-pocket, they could be covered through a personal injury claim.
  • Loss of future income: If an injury prevents you from working and earning an income, compensation for current and future income loss may be available.
  • Pain and suffering: Compensation for pain and suffering should help with recovery from both physical and psychological trauma due to your injury.
  • Property damage: If an accident damages your personal property, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement for expenses associated with repairing or replacing it.
  • Punitive damages: Under certain circumstances, courts have the authority to award punitive damages as a form of punishment for gross negligence committed by the parties responsible. This will discourage others from committing similar acts in the future.

We’ve Won Over $100 Million for Our Clients

The talented litigators at Justin Morgan Law will fight tirelessly on your behalf. We’ve recovered over $100 million in compensation for our clients. Our team has been helping people get the money they need to put their lives back together for over 20 years.

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“Justin and his team go above and beyond for their clients, always on top of every detail. After an awful accident they made sure I had everything taken car of, from car rental to doctor appointments. Very grateful to have found them during this time.”
- Nicolas Jaime