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Clients come to us when they feel shattered. We strive to help them put the shards of their lives back together so they can focus on recovery.

At Justin Morgan Law, we assist you and your family in overcoming adversity and obtaining the compensation you require to recuperate, heal, and move on with your lives. After a devastating accident, injury, or loss of a loved one, our Weston based personal injury law firm does not hesitate to take on a challenging case to fight for damages.

We serve clients throughout the State of Florida with a focus on the Tri-County areas of Broward County, Miami-Dade County, and Palm Beach County. Although there are many successful large firms, in today’s technology-driven business environment, most clients would rather work with a smaller firm that provides individualized and personalized attention and gets outstanding results, than a large firm that fails to communicate well and provides average results. At a large firm, you will likely be identified as a file or case number; at our firm, we treat you like family, and your case is you, and always referenced by you, your name. You are never a file number or a case number to us. We are responsive, diligent, thorough, and aggressive. We’ll prosecute your case as quickly, efficiently, and as compassionately as possible, but we’ll also make your opponents wish you’d chosen another firm. At our Weston based personal injury law firm, we’ll treat you and your case personally, and will provide legal representation to you the same as if you were a family member.

“We provide first-class, respectful, responsive, thorough, and aggressive service that helps clients feel at ease.”
- Justin Morgan


Personalized & Responsive Services

Many law firms claim they are excellent communicators, but very few actually do, beyond the minimum. We prioritize communication—you can reach us via phone, text, email, or in-firm meetings. Any client who wants to speak with Justin Morgan will get a return call by the end of the day. You don’t have to take our word for it; give us a try.


Although we treat our clients like family, we treat insurance companies and legal opponents quite differently. We pride ourselves on being prepared, and we will attack aggressively and efficiently on behalf of your claim. We believe in staying out in front of any legal issue and always force opposing counsel to try and “catch up.” We will take your case to court if we can’t get you a favorable settlement. At Justin Morgan Law, we want you to win—when you win, we win.

Experience Counts

Justin Morgan has over two decades of legal experience, practicing exclusively injury and insurance law. Experience is essential in the law. When an insurance company or opposing counsel sees us sitting with you, they know they have no hope for a quick, undervalued settlement. We know our way around the local courthouses, and we have a reputation for bringing hard hitters to the settlement table and trial.

“I move my clients' cases forward with certainty and momentum, like a freight train; I will not stop until my client’s desired outcome is achieved.”
- Justin Morgan

We do not participate in any ethically questionable practices such as soliciting, taking money for referrals, or playing loose with our Trust Account. When defense attorneys and insurance companies know your firm is ethical, your case and claim is likely to be viewed much more favorably.

How we help

how a weston based personal injury law firm helps clients throughout the state of florida

Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are much more complicated than they sound. You do not want to face the insurance companies alone. Many people are hurt every year because of someone else's dangerous activities. Most personal injuries result from negligence. We collect the evidence needed, establish the facts, develop legal theories, negotiate or go to trial, and aggressively represent you in all insurance or legal issues.

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Truck Accidents

Brain Injury

Pedestrian Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Jackknife Accident

Drunk Driving Accident

Hit-and-Run Accident

Paralysis and Nerve Injury

Amazon Truck Accident


Burn Injury

Rollover Accident

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are common in Florida with its endless beaches and miles of interstate highways. When vehicles collide, they can lead to life-changing injuries or even death. In addition, suffering injuries and property damages are very common during car, truck, RV, bicycle, ridesharing (such as Uber or Lyft), and motorcycle accidents. Contact us before you speak even to your insurance company, and we'll handle all of your insurance and legal tasks based on your unique circumstances, leaving you time to get on with your life.

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Bike Accidents

Slip & Fall

Many folks are injured when they slip or trip and fall on someone else's property due to some unreasonably dangerous condition. We can help you assess if you have a claim for compensation, if you were injured in an accident, and help you ensure that you're collecting all of the financial compensation you're entitled to receive.

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Uber / Lyft Accidents

Wrongful Death

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be one of life's most difficult experiences. It's even more difficult when a family member's death could have been avoided and was caused by someone else's irresponsibility. A wrongful death attorney at our Weston based personal injury law firm will handle all of the necessary insurance and legal claims, leaving you time to handle any details and grieve appropriately.

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Insurance Law

Florida's insurance laws are very complicated. But at Justin Morgan Law, we fully understand these laws, which are especially important for protecting you from tempting but undervalued insurance settlements.

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answer to common questions

How long does it take to receive an offer of compensation?

Unfortunately, every case is different, with different facts, different surrounding factors, different opponents, different insurance companies, and different circumstances. A fairly simple case may only take a couple of months, but a complex and argumentative case in a litigated lawsuit may take a long time. This is the basis for an old insurance company ploy; they offer to pay you quickly at a significantly lower figure with the lure of fast cash. We help you decide the best course of action for your particular case and circumstance, and we will give you our recommendations, but the decision to settle is always yours, and we will always provide you a good faith estimate of what you may net from any proposed settlement.

Fees and Costs: I can't afford a lawyer, what now?

For personal injury / bodily injury cases, our firm operates on a contingency fee and cost arrangement, where our client only pays a percentage of the recovery. Typically, the percentage earned by our firm is 1/3 of the gross recovery for settled cases without a lawsuit. If a lawsuit is filed, typically, the fee is 40% of the gross recovery. Our firm’s policy is we advance money prosecuting your case, called attorney costs, and we do not get reimbursed our costs unless we make a recovery for you. You will always be provided a detailed closing statement itemizing all money disbursed for your case. There will never be any surprises in regards to attorney fees, attorney costs, and payment of medical bills and liens, as you will be asked to sign off on final approval.

What is the average settlement for a car accident in Florida?

This issue is very complicated because every case is different, with unique facts, various types of law involved, various types of people involved, and various amounts of money and insurance at stake. It is best that you speak with us so we can provide you with our opinion about your case. In general, the more injured you are, and the more medical documentation of your injuries, the more your case is worth. We would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation.

Client Reviews


Just a note to say “THANK YOU ALL” 

For the timeliness you protray during all business transaction. The Promptness, the patience and most all the delivery of what is necessary. I appreciate you (Lisa, & Justin and those I don’t know personally. (by phone). 

Lorna D.

Thank you ever so much for bringing my case to a closure and also for the receipt of my check. Wishing your Law Firm continued success.

Lurlene C.

Thank you Mr. Morgan and all the members of your staff for your assistance with this automobile accident case. We appreciate the time and effort to a successful disposition.

Mr. & Mrs. Edy S.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your service in litigating our accident claim against Allstate. Your professional excellence and ethics go beyond the pale.  

 During my 50 year career in Financial Services, I worked with seventeen Law Firms both professionally and personally and can say your Firm, without exception is a clear stand out among the best of those. 

Milton M.

Justin and his staff were very supportive and thorough with my mother’s case. They supported her in all avenues, even providing her an interpret when needed. The legal advice always had her best interest and well being not just for now but for her future. Thank you so much for such professionalism and detail! Highly recommend.

Janette Mauri

Justin Morgan and his team of assistants provided us with excellent advice and representation for my son who unfortunately was injured and scarred permanently in school. He explained the process thoroughly, but allowed us to make the decisions. With his excellent guidance, we settled for the best possible outcome. I am thankful for his knowledge, advice and representation. I highly recommend Justin and his office because he is intelligent and an excellent attorney who puts his client’s interest first and foremost.

Jennifer Jansen

I was in an accident 7 years ago on a very rainy early morning. I had no idea what I was suppose to do and it was a very scary experience because of all the unknowns. Will I get my car fixed? What if I miss work? Who’s going to pay for my medical bills? Fortunately one conversation with Justin Morgan and his staff had me at ease. I knew at that moment I was not going To have to go through this scary journey dealing with insurance companies and doctors alone. Every step of the way I had experts helping me feel better and get back to Life before the accident.

Derwin Oviedo

I can’t say enough about this practice. I found them to be highly professional yet friendly and in my case extremely patient and answering my questions and explaining to me what the process of what we are trying to accomplish is. Phone messages are promptly returned and the ongoing status of my claim is conveyed to me on a regular basis. Overall I would not have a problem recommending them to family and friends.

John Bell

Couldn’t be happier with Justin Morgan and the entire staff. The process was thoroughly explained and they were able to walk me through every detail. They provided me with all the best and relevant information to allow me to make the best decisions. I was extremely fortunate to have his representation during a difficult time.

Joel Madariaga

Justin and his team go above and beyond for their clients, always on top of every detail. After an awful accident they made sure I had everything taken car of, from car rental to doctor appointments. Very grateful to have found them during this time.

Nicolas Jaime

I have used Mr. Morgan’s services for over a decade. He is professional yet friendly, he gives 100% in everything he does, and most importantly, HE WINS!!!! Thank you.

Marilyn Doyle

Mr. Morgan it’s a very professional lawyer. Very compassionate towards my case and my needs. I will recommend his law firm to any body that’s looking for a professional and caring environment.

Maria Benites

The office helped me every step of the way in my case very happy with the result. They were very professional a pleasure to work with them.

Myriam Encio

I had a positive experience and will recommend to my family and friends. thank you for all your hard work.

Abbott FLorist

The best law firm around! Great service and fast.


I higly recommend The law offices of Justin Morgan P.A.
Excellent Job


Agradezco infinitamente a mi Abogado Justin Morgan, a Luciana y a todo el equipo por su excelente trabajo y profesionalismo, demostrando siempre que buscan lo mejor para su cliente. Los recomiendo ampliamente.

Carolina Ramirez

Excelente servicio por parte del equipo completo y especial de Luciana, muy profesional, amablemente te va conduciendo por todo el proceso. Realmente son confiables desde el 1 er momento que deciden tomar el caso.

Diana Alvarez

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