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Motor vehicle accidents come in all shapes and sizes: various types of vehicles involved, different types of insurance carried by the drivers, rain-slicked highways, and most importantly, the reasons for the accident. No matter what conditions were present when you were involved in your accident, it’s critical that you contact us first, even before your insurance company, and after only the time it takes to get medical help for those who need it. A Weston motor vehicle accident attorney at Justin Morgan Law can help you through your accident in the tri-county area and all corners of the state. If you have been injured in an accident, call Justin Morgan Law toll-free at 1-800-9JUSTIN or 1-800-958-7846.

Car Accidents in Florida

In Florida, the law requires motorists to report to the police any accident when any person is injured or killed or if any property damage appears to be at least $500. For accidents that you believe were not your fault, you should contact law enforcement anyway, as they can provide valuable evidence for your accident claim. So, it may be helpful to have this list of what to do after a car accident handy:

  1. Do not leave the scene! This can open you up to various criminal charges.
  2. Check to see if anyone is hurt, and apply any first aid you know how to do.
  3. Contact law enforcement to the scene and request an ambulance if one is needed,
  4. File an accident report unless law enforcement is doing it.
  5. Exchange information with the other driver; take pictures of their driver’s license, license plate, and insurance card, and take photos of all of the damage to each vehicle from multiple angles. Take a video of the accident scene and vehicles involved, and include any skid marks.
  6. Do not speak beyond what is absolutely necessary and only about contact information.
  7. Collect information from any witnesses.
  8. Contact a Weston motor vehicle accident lawyer at Justin Morgan Law for further instructions. Tell your insurance company to speak with your attorney, and under no circumstances record a statement or sign a written statement.
  9. Do not sign any paper from any insurance company without a proper review from your lawyer.
  10. Stay off of social media. This can’t help, but it can hurt.
  11. Seek immediate medical attention for even minor injuries. However, if your injuries are severe, do everything your medical personnel tells you to do and keep a journal of all medical care and pain levels.
  12. If you are too injured to do any of this, have a family or close friend contact us immediately.

We’ll consult with you to get the facts, perform an independent investigation, gather the evidence we need to support the facts, and develop legal strategies for handling your unique situation. Of course, we’ll also represent you to the insurance company and any opposing parties.

Weston Bus Accidents

There are few types of motor vehicle accidents more damaging than bus accidents. Most of these accidents involve several people, and buses are generally not equipped with seatbelts. Any personal injury claim in Florida must be filed within a certain amount of time, called a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations for personal injury claims is typically four years but is different when someone is injured on a bus owned by a municipality or some other type of government entity. If this is the case, you have to file a “Notice of Claim” within three years of the date of your accident, and, after that filing, you have to wait at least 180 days before you can actively pursue your personal injury claim.

In this way, among others, bus accidents are more complex procedure-wise when compared to car accidents. It becomes particularly important to make contacting a Weston motor vehicle accident lawyer at Justin Morgan Law your very first priority. We are skilled in litigation, both substantively and procedurally, surrounding bus accidents and we know and understand the law. We’ll handle your claim filing consistently with the rules and represent you to the insurance company and the government agency that is responsible for bus accidents.

Florida Motorcycle Accidents

You don’t need us or anyone else to tell you how dangerous riding motorcycles can be. Florida, along with California, are considered meccas for motorcycle riding, both with near-perfect weather, wide-open highways, and plenty of riders for company. Festivals across the country are held annually, often attracting hundreds of thousands of riders. Still, with all of the fun comes all of the dangers, and make no mistake: motorcycles are dangerous.

One of the primary reasons motorcycles are dangerous is their narrow profile on the road. Motorcycles are hard for other drivers to see compared to other motor vehicles, mainly because of their relatively thin profile. Most motorists have their rear-view mirrors set to see other motor vehicles, leaving motorcycles in rearview mirrors’ blind spots. Unless you're looking for them, you often miss motorcycles coming to pass you, leading to innocent but dangerous cut-offs.

Another dangerous problem for motorcycle riders is the lack of protection. Even with cycle-appropriate heavy clothing, there is very little protection between the rider and the road. Unlike most other motor vehicles, motorcycle riders lack the metal protective cocoon that other vehicles provide. In Florida, the law states that all riders under the age of 21 must wear a helmet and face protection while driving or riding a motorcycle. However, a helmet is not required for those over the age of 21 if you have proof that you carry an insurance policy with at least $10,000 in medical benefits.

Still, motorcyclists often faced serious injuries, including:

Fortunately, a Weston motor vehicle accident attorney at Justin Morgan Law understands the risks, dangers, and the law, and you can trust us to handle any claims you may have. Remember, Justin Morgan Law can help you through your motor vehicle accident in the tri-county area and throughout the state.

Drunk Driver Accidents in Weston

“Drunk Driving” goes by several names, depending on the state. In Florida, it’s known as “DUI” (Driving Under the Influence). It’s also commonly known as “DWI” (Driving While Intoxicated). We can see a growing trend of driving under the influence of marijuana. States are struggling to create different laws for “driving while high” since the general public commonly sees this as a lower-grade offense, especially because, unlike alcohol, marijuana has proven medical benefits.

One complicating factor for accident victims of drivers under the influence of marijuana is that some type of concurrent criminal violation commonly adjudicates their civil lawsuits. This means the at-fault driver may be incarcerated, which prevents them from working to help pay your damages and making collections more difficult.

The good news is that a Weston motor vehicle accident attorney at Justin Morgan Law has the experience and familiarity with working with the prosecutor and the judge and may be able to have the inevitable criminal fines diverted to help pay for your damages. Furthermore, the prosecutor's case is usually nearly identical to your civil case, allowing your claim to ride the coattails of the criminal process.

Truck Accidents in Florida

Truck accidents are similar to car accidents in many ways, except for some significant differences:

  • The damage and injuries are typically far greater. The sheer force generated by an 80,000 lb. truck barrelling down the highway at 70 m.p.h. is difficult to comprehend. At around 4,000 lbs., typical passenger vehicles are simply not designed to absorb this kind of force. Any car or light truck struck head-on or t-boned will be completely demolished.
  • Comprehensive federal and state laws governing commercial trucking have been enacted due to the dangers of driving a heavy commercial truck and drivers’ past propensity to drive too many hours without sleep.
  • There may be multiple at-fault parties beyond merely the truck driver.

Like motorcycle accidents, passengers in typical passenger vehicles are apt to suffer severe injuries in an accident with a truck, including burn injuries, TBIs, and spinal cord injuries.

If you’ve been injured in an accident with a large commercial truck, a Weston motor vehicle accident lawyer at Justin Morgan Law will conduct an independent investigation to discover whether any of the trucking regulations were violated and identify any and all potential at-fault defendants who may include third-party contractors, trucking companies, drivers, maintenance companies, and others. We’ll also make sure you have what you need to recover from these types of serious injuries.

Weston Pedestrian Accidents

When a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the pedestrian is even more vulnerable than a motorcycle rider. There is nothing to protect them from the vehicle or the pavement. Laws regarding the right-of-way for pedestrians can be complicated and vary from state to state.

In Florida, the laws regarding pedestrian right-of-way are set out in Florida Statutes Section 316.130.

The safest and most likely way to avoid a violation is always to give pedestrians the right-of-way. Unfortunately, some accidents are unavoidable and often the driver's fault, who most often simply doesn’t see the pedestrian until too late. But there are some tips for pedestrians to stay safe:

  • Always use the nearest crosswalk. Otherwise, you may be struck, and you can actually get a ticket for jaywalking.
  • Walk on the sidewalk when there is one, but remain vigilant. Unfortunately, vehicles driven by distracted or intoxicated drivers have driven up even onto the sidewalk.
  • Lacking a sidewalk, walk facing oncoming traffic.
  • Always double-check in front of you and on both sides before crossing. Look across all lanes before crossing a multi-lane road.
  • Don't use earbuds, cell phones, or other electronics while walking. You need to hear traffic as well as see it.
  • Don't assume drivers will stop, even when you have the right-of-way. Instead, be sure they see you before crossing.
  • Wear bright clothing and reflective materials when walking at dawn, dusk, or night.

These tips may save your life. Nonetheless, if you’ve been hit as a pedestrian, let a Weston motor vehicle accident attorney at Justin Morgan Law help. We know the law and are skilled at helping you recover all of the financial compensation you deserve.

Bike Accidents and Ridesharing Accidents in Weston

Two other common motor vehicle accidents are bike accidents and ridesharing accidents. If you've been injured in Florida, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. It’s important to work with a team that understands the complexities involved in lawsuits involving bike and ridesharing accidents.

Let A Weston Accident Lawyer at Justin Morgan Law Help if You’ve Been Involved in Any Type of Motor Vehicle Accident

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