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Living in Lauderhill, Florida

Lauderhill is a bustling and lively city located in Broward County, Florida. The Lauderhill is located in central Broward County. It is bordered by the city of Tamarac, by Lauderdale Lakes, by Plantation, by Sunrise, and by the city of Fort Lauderdale.

Lauderhill offers easy access to major highways such as Sawgrass Expressway for convenient travel around town. But accidents are inevitable with so many people out on the road.

If you have been injured in an accident in Lauderhill, it's important to find a Personal Injury Attorney who understands the area’s unique challenges and requirements. That's where Justin Morgan Law comes in. Our firm has over 20 years of experience representing clients in Lauderhill, and we have in-depth knowledge of the local legal landscape and client needs.

At Justin Morgan Law, we know how to secure the best compensation for our clients after an accident — be it a car collision, a slip-and-fall, or anything else.

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What Are Personal Injury Claims?

Personal Injury claims/lawsuits are legal proceedings to recover compensation for harm caused by someone’s careless actions. For example, if a distracted driver who was talking on his cell phone caused an accident by merging into your lane, your attorney can file a personal injury claim seeking damages to cover your medical bills and other costs resulting from the crash.

Common Personal Injury Claims in Lauderhill

  • Car Accidents. Car accidents occur frequently and can result in serious injuries or fatalities. If you were involved in one due to no fault of your own, compensation could be available under the law.
  • Truck Accidents. A fully loaded big rig truck, weighs over 80,000 pounds, causes devastating injuries when they crash into a pedestrian or a regular passenger vehicle. You may be entitled to receive compensation for injuries and losses sustained.
  • Motorcycle Accidents. Motorcycle riders are particularly at risk in an accident. When drivers fail to look out for motorcycles, severe injuries can result, including paralysis, crush injuries, internal organ damage, and loss of limb.
  • Slip and Falls/Premises Liability. Compensation may be available if you have been injured due to someone's negligence on their property. This includes slip and fall accidents due to dangerous conditions that the owner failed to address.
  • Wrongful Death. Losing a loved one can be devastating, particularly when their death was due to someone else's negligence. If this happened to you, filing a wrongful death claim can provide compensation that includes funeral expenses, loss of support, and medical costs.

Liability Determination in Personal Injury Cases in Lauderhill

Personal injury cases begin by determining who caused the incident. Your attorney will investigate the accident and file a claim against anyone whose negligent behavior contributed to your injuries.

Lauderhill personal injury cases are evaluated according to the principle of negligence. This stipulates that any party found liable must have failed to exercise reasonable care when acting against another individual and caused harm as a result.

Steps to Take Following an Accident in Lauderhill

  • Prioritizing Health After an Accident: Your health should always come first after being involved in an accident. Seek medical assistance immediately, even if you feel fine, as some injuries may grow worse over time.
  • Report an Incident: After any accident has occurred, notify local authorities and request a copy of the police report for your records.
  • Collect Evidence: Take photos, get everyone’s insurance information, and gather the contact details from any witnesses at the accident scene to help support your claim. This information will assist your attorney when they file your claim.
  • Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer: Don’t make any statements to an insurance agent, and let your attorney do all the negotiating.

Compensation for Personal Injuries in Lauderhill

An injury can have serious financial and emotional repercussions. Consulting with a Personal Injury Attorney in Lauderhill may help you obtain compensation for losses incurred as a result. Here are some forms of compensation that may be available to you:

Medical Bills

If you have been injured, medical bills are likely mounting up quickly. These expenses could include ambulance rides, hospital stays, diagnostic tests, surgery, or physical therapy costs. A personal injury settlement is designed to cover these expenses, so you can relax and recover.

Lost Wages

Depending on the severity of your injury, compensation may be available for any lost wages. This includes both what has already been lost, as well as potential future income that may go unrealized if you remain out of work.

Pain and Suffering

An injury can bring physical pain, emotional suffering, and diminished quality of life. These types of losses are known as pain and suffering, and they include disfigurement, physical pain, and PTSD.

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