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The following are the questions most frequently asked by our new clients.


All personal injury claims require the presence of three elements:

1) Liability.
2) Damages.
3) Source of payment.

If all three are present, your case is probably one you will want to pursue.

3 Factors for a Successful Case

Liability means fault. Whose carelessness caused the accident? More than one person could be responsible. If so, the negligence of each person is compared and used in the determination of your recovery.


Damages ask the question, how have you suffered? What have you lost as a result of the accident? Often damages include your past and future medical bills, lost wages, past, present and future, pain, suffering and inconvenience due to your physical or mental condition.

Source of Payment

Sources of payments mean from who will you collect your damages? Generally, the insurance company makes payment for the negligent person or corporation. In the case of an auto accident, there may be some payments by your own insurance company through your uninsured/underinsured motorists’ coverage. If there is no insurance, we may file suit and seek recovery from the personal assets of the responsible party or corporation.


3 Factors for a Successful Case
The responsibility of proving your case begins the day you select Justin Morgan Law to represent you. The case may take a number of months to resolve and therefore evidence gathered today may not be available when the case is ready for settlement or trial. At first, liability is investigated. In the case of an auto accident or slip and fall, our private investigator or an attorney from our firm, speaks to the witnesses, takes measurements and photographs, preserves the scene on videotape and recreates the occurrence, if necessary. In some cases, a technical expert, such as an accident reconstructionist, architect, engineer, or economist is employed. For nursing home abuse cases, the medical records are obtained and reviewed by physicians or nursing experts. Often there is a need to see a specialist doctor in order to understand your injury or course of treatment.


How Do Fees & Costs Work at Justin Morgan Law?
The personal injury case is one of the few areas of law where your ability to pay an attorney is of less consequence. Justin Morgan Law handles nearly every personal injury claim on a contingency fee basis. The fee you pay will ordinarily be a percentage of the total amount of the recovery we obtain for you. This means that if there is no recovery, there is no attorney fee owed. In an automobile case, Justin Morgan Law never charges an attorney fee to process Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Benefits, to resolve damage to your car (Property Damage claim), and/or the costs of obtaining a rental car (Rental Car Claim).


There is no charge for costs or expenses to you if we do not obtain a recovery for you. Justin Morgan Law will waive all costs incurred by our firm if we do not win your case. Upon successful resolution of your claim, Justin Morgan Law is reimbursed for the actual costs and expenses out of your settlement.
How Do Fees & Costs Work at Justin Morgan Law?


The person best suited to treat your injury or sickness may be your family doctor, a medical specialist referred by him/her, or the emergency room. In those instances where you have no referral and/or are unfamiliar with the medical care available in your community, Justin Morgan Law will be pleased to assist you in coordinating your medical care. Many physicians are willing to accept insurance assignments and some doctors are willing to treat patients on a promise to pay upon the completion of your case. Feel fee to consult with an attorney from Justin Morgan Law if you need guidance in this area.
How Do Fees & Costs Work at Justin Morgan Law?


There is a good possibility that your case will settle without the need for a trial. However, settlements in the client's best interest come only from a position of strength. Strength means preparation. It means the gathering of evidence from the time you select Justin Morgan Law as your attorney. It means having available the experts, medical and otherwise, who can present the evidence in a light most favorable to your case. A case properly prepared with sufficient support to confront and counteract an insurance company's position is the best strategy to a favorable pre-suit resolution. Most cases settle pre-lawsuit; approximately 95% of cases settle before a trial; and approximately 99% of all cases settle after a lawsuit has been filed, but before a jury has reached a verdict.

Of course some cases must go to trial, either because the Defendant refuses to settle, or because the Defendant is not offering enough money to compensate you for your damages. Most, if not all of these cases, are tried in front of a jury. The trial generally takes place in the Florida County where the accident or death occurred. If it appears that a jury trial is likely, you will spend many hours of preparation with your attorney. Often, Justin Morgan Law will conduct a comprehensive mock trial with you as a participant.


From the first day work begins on your case, Justin Morgan Law will direct their full efforts toward a prompt and successful resolution of your case. The case investigation is followed by your medical treatment and a recovery period. During this time, your medical progress is monitored by the gathering of medical treatment data and reports from your doctor(s) and medical providers.

The treatment period may take a few months or more than a year depending on the type of case or extent of your injury. Final analysis usually occurs when your medical treatment has reached a plateau, often called “maximum medical improvement and/or MMI.” Shortly after your doctors have discharged you, a settlement presentation/package (e.g., demand) will be prepared and forwarded to the insurance company with a demand for a monetary settlement. This presentation will include a lengthy analysis of liability, a lengthy analysis of your injuries and other damages, and your demand for money damages.

Within four to eight weeks following the settlement demand, your attorney will know whether negotiations will lead to a pre-lawsuit settlement. If the insurance company does not offer a fair and equitable settlement, a lawsuit will be filed. Although you are limited in speed by the congestion of a Judge's trial calendar, most cases are tried within 12 to 30 months following the filing of a lawsuit.


A successful conclusion to a personal injury claim requires constant communication and interaction between you and your attorney. In furtherance of this, we invite your questions during the pendency of your case and will keep you apprised of case developments in the following ways:

1) At your request, copies of pertinent correspondence will be regularly communicated to you.
2) Client/Attorney “face to face” conferences can be scheduled usually with one day's notice.
3) Telephone conferences are always welcome.
4) E-mail is responded to daily and avoids the annoyance of missed telephone calls.
5) A paralegal will be assigned to your case. In the event your attorney is unavailable, a paralegal will be familiar with your case and can immediately answer most questions. If not, feel free to request a return call from your attorney.
About Justin Morgan


Every case is different. Many factors are part of the calculation to determine the settlement or jury verdict value of your case. In auto accident cases or slip and fall claims, factors such as your age, your earning history or potential, the extent of injury, and the degree of the other person’s negligence are key elements in arriving at a reasonable settlement figure. In a nursing home abuse case, the victim is generally beyond their earning years. Therefore, other factors are used to value the case.

There are various case valuation services reported on a National, State, and County level. These services report recent jury verdicts and settlement amounts based upon different fact patterns. Justin Morgan Law will discuss the variables of your claim. Often it's difficult to evaluate the settlement value of a case at its inception. As your case progresses your injuries and economic losses are defined better by making case values more objective and less speculative.

“Justin and his team go above and beyond for their clients, always on top of every detail. After an awful accident they made sure I had everything taken car of, from car rental to doctor appointments. Very grateful to have found them during this time.”
- Nicolas Jaime