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Helping You Get the Resources You Need After a Car Accident in North Miami Beach

There are a lot of fun activities in North Miami Beach, like visiting the Ancient Spanish Monastery or camping, canoeing, and kayaking at Greynolds Park. If you are injured by a careless driver in North Miami Beach, or anywhere else you were traveling, Justin Morgan Law will help you get the resources you need to get better.

A car accident happens when you least expect it. Nobody is fully prepared for the turmoil that awaits you. It feels like your whole world is turned upside down, and you don’t know how you’re going to pay all your bills.

Getting fair compensation after an automobile crash in Florida is a complicated process, and you may not know about all your rights. That’s why it’s so important to speak with an experienced Car Accident Attorney who can guide you through the legal terrain of your case and protect your rights every step of the way.

Justin Morgan Law has been helping car accident victims in North Miami Beach for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve had remarkable success. In fact, we’ve won over $100 million for our clients. Our firm has a perfect A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and our founder, Justin Morgan, has been selected as a Lawyer of Distinction in Florida by The National Law Journal. We will pursue every avenue to help you get the resources you need to take care of yourself and your family.

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What Causes Car Accidents in North Miami Beach?

Most car accidents are caused by careless drivers who make bad decisions. One of the worst things a person can do is get behind the wheel of a car after they’ve been drinking. Alcohol and controlled substances impair a person in many ways. Alcohol has a major effect on a driver’s judgment, causing them to take unnecessary risks. Drinking also impairs a driver’s vision, coordination, and reaction time.

Another problem that causes senseless accidents is distracted driving, and this has been on the rise in recent years due to the increased use of smartphones. In response to this growing problem, Florida has enacted a “hands-free” law that makes it illegal to use a handheld device for texting, talking, checking social media, or any other purpose while driving. Any activity that causes the driver to take their eyes off the road for even a moment can have tragic consequences.

Accidents happen when drivers violate traffic laws, ignore the speed limit, or make dangerous maneuvers. It’s also important for drivers to slow down when rainy or foggy weather creates hazardous driving conditions.

Negligent driving practices that cause unnecessary crashes include:

  • Tailgating
  • DUI
  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Street racing
  • Hasty lane changes
  • Unsafe turns
  • Fatigued driving

Finding the Right Car Accident Attorney

After an accident, your North Miami Beach Personal Injury Lawyer will advise you about the best strategy for maximizing the compensation you will receive.

Justin Morgan Law will investigate the accident by reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, collecting surveillance videos, and examining physical evidence. Then, we’ll file a claim or lawsuit against anyone whose negligent behavior contributed to your injuries. This may include the following types of damages:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Disfigurement
  • Surgery
  • Loss of income
  • Wrongful death

Injuries Caused by Automobile Accidents

If you’ve suffered catastrophic injuries in an automobile collision, you may be forced to live with chronic pain and debilitating injuries. This will prevent you from taking part in activities you enjoy, and you may not be able to resume your career.

Devastating injuries that frequently result from car accidents include:

  • Amputation
  • Severe burns
  • Whiplash
  • Bone fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

We’ve Won Over $100 Million for Our Clients

The talented litigators at Justin Morgan Law will fight tirelessly on your behalf. We’ve recovered over $100 million in compensation for our clients. Our team has been helping people get the money they need to put their lives back together for over 20 years.

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“Justin and his team go above and beyond for their clients, always on top of every detail. After an awful accident they made sure I had everything taken car of, from car rental to doctor appointments. Very grateful to have found them during this time.”
- Nicolas Jaime